Wednesday 26 January 2011

GIG #25 - Lightning Salvage Tornado

GIG #25 @ Lightnin' Salvage, Gainesville, FL.  Select repertoire:
Strange Loop Improvisations
Wham Bam - Ward-Bergeman/Seznec
Y Tu Que Has Hecho? - Delfin

Satchel's Pizza / Lightnin' Salvage is one of the most unique places I have ever been to. There are bells hanging from the ceiling, magical doors, colored lights, a junk fountain, a tree house and a host of other things right out of my dreams. There is also a lite-brite. I was truly at home with my GIG 365 stage.
Earlier in the day I clanged some of my cowbells at the Coalition to End the Meal Limit NOW! protest during the mayor's speech at the hippodrome in Gainesville. I met one of the organizers at GIG #24 @ 8th Ave. Bike Shop & Cafe. It was a thought provoking scene as two men inside an art gallery with their dog (who was also in one of the fine art photos hanging in the window) watched the homeless being served food on the sidewalk, most of who then took their food under the steps on the side of the hippodrome to take shelter from the rain...further on in the view from the gallery the protest was chanting and marching away in the front of the hippodrome in a very orderly fashion, and was made up of what I assessed to be very few homeless (because they were too busy eating!!!)

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