Saturday 1 January 2011

GIG #1 - Welled Up

GIG #1 @ Corpus Christi Church, La Urbina, Caracas, Venezuela with vocalist Yulene Velásquez. Select repertoire:
Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod
Esta Bella Noche - Galián
Precious Lord - Dorsey/Allen
Venezuela - Herrero/Armentero

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  1. Happy New Year and congratulations on the first step of your journey. Looking forward to following and hopefully being there once or twice along the way.

    Music: breathing of statues. Perhaps:
    silence of paintings.You language
    where all language
    ends. You time
    standing vertically on the motion of mortal hearts.

    Feelings for whom? O you the transformation
    of feelings into what? --: into audible landscape.
    You stranger: music. You heart-space
    grown out of us. The deepest space in us,
    which, rising above us, forces its way out,--
    holy departure:
    when the innermost point in us stands
    outside, as the most practiced distance, as the other
    side of the air:
    no longer habitable.

    R M Rilke