Tuesday 29 October 2013

GIG 365

GIG 365 was a self-curated experiment I undertook during the entire year of 2011.  I performed at least one gig every single day of the year.  On average I performed for about seventy people a day for forty five minutes.  Of course, at the extremes, I could find myself performing for thousands of people or for one.  The main idea was to perform for at least one person for a minimum of thirty five minutes a day, in as diverse an assortment of traditional and non-traditional venues as possible.

My friend Chris Trotta put together a google map of every single gig.  It is here.

John Wilcock put together a great booklet about midway through 2011.  You can find much of it online here: Tale of the Wandering Minstrel.

I released a CD at the beginning of 2013 which included studio recordings of some of the music that I performed  and/or wrote during the GIG 365 year, as well as a few conversations I captured at different gigs I played.  You can listen/purchase tracks here : GIG 365 : MJWB

The GIG 365 blog/website was set up to publish the daily videos I made during my travels.  It continued during 2012/13 with things that were related to GIG 365.  I feel like the first "book" of GIG 365 is complete with the release of the recording and video of Mississippi and my subsequent relocating to New Orleans.

I will not be publishing any more content to the GIG 365 blog unless there is a significant development or release connected to it. 

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