Monday, 25 April 2011

GIG #115 - We All Live in a Yellow Calabash

GIG #115 @ North London Action for the Homeless/The Boat Project, Southbourne, UK. Select repertoire:
Lord, Lord, Lord - Trad.
Down by the Riverside - Trad.
Tarantella Napoletana - Trad. Italian


  1. While not in the habit of posting comments, following twitters & blogs etc I have become mildly obsessed with following the exploits of GIG365. However, I have been unable to find anything that explains the motivation behind GIG365. I can imagine a plethora of reasons, ranging from the noble (self discovery, taking music to the people as in the Art in Unusual Spaces movements), through the bland (hey, why not? could be a giggle), to the self destructive (the musical equivalent of going on a bender?). I would be grateful for enlightenment so I can return to my dreary, incurious existence

    PS another niggling curiosity - is there a reason for posting so few of the comments I assume you receive - beyond being totally exhausted & having plenty other things with which to occupy time?

  2. hi Wendy,

    Thanks for your comment.

    GIG 365 is a process which I am learning about as I travel along the journey. You can hopefully find some insight into my initial motivation by checking out the GIG 365 Statement and FAQ which is available for download as a PDF in the sidebar to the right of this blog.

    I publish any and all comments pertaining to GIG 365. I suspect most people are checking out the project on facebook here: and

    I get more comments there than here on blogger.

    I hope that satisfies your curiousity, please let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,


  3. Thank you for taking the time to respond & my apologies for being too dull to discover the statement, FAQ, Facebook etc for myself.

    Your statement does go some way to satisfying my curiosity – an existentialist bender?

    With reference to the Brennan quote … I am reminded of a small child solemnly informing me that he had “all the pictures of the world” in his head. Admittedly he was only 3 at the time, has Asperger’s syndrome & probably hadn’t read much of JH Brennan, but maybe he had a point. At that age everything is novel & to be explored. Consequently almost everything a 3 yr old does is to some extent creative & they have no need to perceive limitations.

    As we grow older, we become confined by our education. We learn & respond to precedence (either conforming or rebelling). Hence taking journeys at significant points in our lives to expose ourselves to difference, to locate ourselves in that diversity, to explore alternative routes & combinations.

    Coincidently, as time passed, the vagaries of that same 3 yr old’s Asperger’s gave him the capacity to build connections between seemingly disparate ideas, to inhabit multiple realities (so called ‘truths?) concurrently – to develop the very creativity he was supposed to be incapable of.

    Furthermore, I adhere to Jenny Moon’s notion that critical thinking is a communal activity, therefore concur with your statement’s reference to collaboration & shared discovery.

    Sorry, that was more of a rambling reflection than a comment. However, thanks for making me think a little & yet more thanks for the music.